Esse Quam Videri 
"To be, rather than to seem."

beat365体育亚洲官网 is pleased to introduce William Webb as 索尔斯堡’s eighth 校长.

Will has extensive experience as a boarding and day school leader. He was a student at Groton School in Massachusetts and next earned his B.A. in 英语 from the University of Vermont. 毕业后, he began his 寄宿学校 career at The Frederick Gunn School as a teacher, assistant dean of students, 宿舍的父母, and assistant coach of football, 曲棍球, 和长曲棍球. Will returned to the University of Vermont as a development officer and next earned his M.A. in independent school organization and leadership at the Klingenstein Center, 老师的大学, 哥伦比亚大学.

从那里, he went to Athens Academy, a PK-12 independent day school in Athens, GA, as assistant dean of students and 英语 teacher. In 2004, he returned to Groton School as the associate director of development and director of alumni affairs, and later as associate director of admission, 还是曲棍球教练. In 2011, 威尔和他妻子, 莎拉, moved to Heritage Hall School, a PK-12 independent day school in Oklahoma City, to become assistant head of school for external affairs and in 2012 welcomed their daughter, 玛吉. In July of 2013 Will joined Fountain Valley School, a boarding and day school in Colorado Springs, CO as its eighth 校长.

With nearly a decade of 校长 experience, Will has deep knowledge and experience in 9-12 independent 寄宿学校s and will bring his broad experience leading multiple functional roles to the Hilltop. His enthusiasm and natural ability to create relationships, along with strong ethics and 完整性, combine to form a role model for the boys. 韦伯团队, along with Will’s wife 莎拉, who brings her own infectious warmth and approachability, form a team that will make every boy feel at home, 养育和爱.


索尔斯堡 is a dynamic, modern 寄宿学校 in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. We take pride in the history that makes us so unique, and celebrate it with a number of 传统 that have been passed down over the years.

Discover for yourself the unique 传统 that make us a leading 寄宿学校 in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner by scheduling a campus tour today.

We embrace the founding rector’s belief that a boy’s secondary school has the responsibility for addressing every aspect of development. Listed below are some of 索尔斯堡’s 传统 that continue to be such an important part of your overall school experience.


The 索尔斯堡 crest is colored red for bravery and gold for generosity. The four crosses above and below the crest symbolize faith in God through Christ. The shell is a symbol of spiritual journey or pilgrimage. The heart symbolizes charity and the arrows preparedness. The open book is for learning and the acorn for maturity.  Our more traditional crest can still be found throughout many of our materials.  Its ribbons and text no longer render clearly on a small scale, thus this enhanced version is quickly becoming a more common sight.


In the spring of 1995, the Sixth Form adopted the 深红色骑士 as the School's mascot. It symbolized the history, character and devotion of the Knights represented in The Sarum Hymn.






After a varsity team wins, the red light in the Main Building’s cupola is lit to alert the rest of the community to the team’s victory.










beat365体育亚洲官网 was founded to instill a vibrant enthusiasm for learning and the self-confidence needed for intellectual, 物理, moral and spiritual development. Founded in the Episcopalian tradition, we work to nurture the spiritual development of all boys in whatever belief system they identify.

Built on essential core values, the School's unique culture promotes brotherhood, 创造力, 同理心, 谦卑, 完整性, 领导与尊重.  索尔斯堡 graduates are men of character and promise who are prepared to meet the challenges of college and adulthood and to make a difference in an entrepreneurial, technological and cosmopolitan world.

For more information about our beliefs, 传统, history and approach to education, keep browsing our website. We encourage interested parents to contact our admissions team directly and 安排一次校园游览. 在那里, you’ll see our facilities in person and learn directly from current students what makes us an innovator among the top college prep schools in Connecticut.



坎贝尔·兰登79年 联合主席
大卫·利维,88届,26届 联合主席
Matthew Barzun P’21, ’24, 副主席
罗伯特·P. 查贝尔85年, 副主席
格雷戈里·约翰逊, 财务主管
约翰·兰博斯,P ' 22,  副财务主管
David Mathus ’77, P'22, '25, 秘书
Reverend William Danaher ’83,  副书记
约翰·科尔曼77年, 建筑设计主任 & 规划
威廉五世. 韦伯*, 校长
鲍比·韦恩* P ' 19, 副校长
Vafa瓦希德*, 首席财务官
Frederick Beck* III, ’97, AVC的主席
小约翰·库赞斯. ‘06
布拉德福德的年代. Dimeo 80
大卫E. 弗里德曼99年
Kenneth Hanau P ' 20
阿德莱德哈里斯P ' 07
帕特里夏·伊森,P ' 14
彼得·基恩,P ' 15
Michael Malafronte, 92年
Christopher Merrill P’22
Sadiq Olanrewju '13
Timothy Rees’02
J. Wood Rutter ' 98 (Hon.)


约翰G. 边缘64
Dr. 理查德·S. 孩子的小. ’63
巴伦G. Collier II ' 70
纳撒尼尔·B. 天的56 
James Dresser '59
H. 克罗斯比·福斯特57年
赫伯特一. 1983年5月3日,2012年P
J. 理查德·门罗88年,90年
阿曼达·D. Rutledge P'80, '84
W. 弗里茨·苏德P18
迈克尔年代. 59年的西尔维斯特,85年的P
安东尼·C. 伍德拉夫' 01 (Hon.) P’89